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> Yes, claiming this is resolved is quite invalid, indeed.
> Even if we were to assume that the ability to change the wikimedia wikis had
> been moved to a non-wikimedia wiki, how does that solve the problem? This
> request was posted here when you had us post such requests here. Its content
> may not be your concern (obviously, you don't consider it so), but it's
> location is. If you change your rules, it's not us who have to make sure the
> requests in your database remain valid.

I wasn't aware that it used to be this way, this bug was filed about a year
before I got involved with MediaWiki.

Fact remains, this bug is not /currently/ in Bugzilla's scope, even though it
used to be. It's actually become /easier/ now: some folks have created a place
where you can go and make this change /yourself/ instead of requesting that we
do it and pray we don't ignore you. You can go to, create an
account, apply for translator rights (these are usually granted quite quickly)
and make the change.

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