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Connor: what about a JavaScript variable or similar to implement...

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> 2) open the list *above* the search field.

Then users who are concerned about the button overlap could simply switch their

Or if having the suggestions above the text input isn't too awkward, we could
just change the default behavior for everyone. It'll need a bit of

Any user concerned about having the suggestions is already obviously executing
JavaScript. Adding a bit more JavaScript to customize the behavior on a
per-user basis doesn't seem particularly radical or stupid to me. It's a fairly
common pattern of behavior on the Web.

The objection to the user preference is that the default behavior should be
sane without the need to add user interface clutter. Most visitors don't have
user preferences and most users never set their user preferences. If there's a
reason that people can't stand these suggestions, we should find a way to
either remove them or improve them. Letting users opt out is sometimes a valid
position to take, but it's generally a last resort, given the constraints and
context (i.e., how most visitors experience the site and how most users
interact with it). And we can generally allow opting out without re-adding the
user interface clutter, via user JS and CSS subpages. For limited cases, this
solution works really well. I think this is one of those cases.

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