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Werdna and I were able to reproduce this by reverting extensions/Flow on
ee-flow back to  
  1bedba6... Merge "Repair missed conversion to new username lookup"
and replying to a post on User_talk:Werdna, which failed with bug 59195, in
   [Thu Jan 02 03:30:25 2014] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error: 
Call to protected method Flow\\Model\\AbstractRevision::isAllowed()

When I then visited the post on User_talk:Werdna, it failed with this bug's
error, in /tmp/debug.log:

[exception] [abe49e77] /wiki/User_talk:Werdna   Exception from line 102 of
/srv/mediawiki/extensions/Flow/includes/Data/RootPostLoader.php: Missing Posts:

I'm 90% sure the page showed this error even after switching git back to

Yet now, a few hours later without any DB changes, all these problem pages and
topics on ee-flow are now viewable with no error. Hooray, but why?

beta labs has a similar page on which as I recall I made
a failed reply, and that remains in an error state:

2014-01-02 05:27:21 deployment-apache32 enwiki: [d26ecf99] /wiki/Talk:Flow  
Exception from line 102 of
Missing Posts: {"2":"050d408b42295cb204fa02163e0fb68f"}

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