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> I still struggle, despite endless talk page discussions, to see how a legacy
> orange bar of death from back in the 90s is better than Echo. 

Because it's a single hammer that's historically been used with every nail.
Regardless of whether a new message is WikiProject spam ("come to wikimeetup
103!") or an urgent block notice ("you've been indefinitely blocked for
harassment"), it uses the same notification (the orange bar of doom). It's not
a particularly smart design, but inertia is cruel.

> MobileFrontend is a futuristic home for shiny things from the future and
> shouldn't house things like this.

I'm not sure this is the purpose of MobileFrontend, but that discussion is
outside the scope of this bug report. (As is a discussion about whether the
Echo extension should be part of MediaWiki core.)

If anonymous users can't receive messages, that's a blocker to enabling
anonymous editing. That's a real issue.

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