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Bug 59205 showed us that folks do expect link searches to work.  Options:

0.  Do nothing.
1.  Detect a link in the search and people to Special:LinkSearch.  If folks are
searching for full uris without extra terms this would probably work.
2.  Index links in their own multivalued field like section heading but with a
uri or non-splitting analyzer and display them like file contents matches. 
Search them all the time.  This would find links to places in the results.
3.  #2 but only search them with terms that "look like" uris.  This one makes
more sense if users are searching for whole uris AND other terms at the same
4.  Figure out some way to get the uris back into the text but strip them out
on matches for which they were not explicitly searched.  This would produce
results similar to what works now but is technically more difficult (changes to
how we get parsed output, changes to cirrus, probably changes to Elasticsearch
to strip the uris during the highlighting phrase).

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