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Followup patch coming from gwicke.

<gwicke> Re the {| |} issue, I re-did my grep search with a better regexp and
am now finding quite a few matches that look like {| <some attributes |}
<gwicke> the PHP parser strips the end tag in those cases, so maybe we should
just strip it too?
<gwicke> {| class="wikitable"|} is a construct I see repeatedly
<gwicke> also {| class="wikitable"|}" style="text-align:center"
<gwicke> would  be interesting to see where that was all copy & pasted from ;)
<gwicke> {|border=1 align=left cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 style="width: 48%"
{{Election city polls FPTP begin|locale = town| title=[[Canadian federal
election, 2006]]<br>Hudson's Hope polls in Prince George—Peace River<ref
<gwicke> just dropping the end tag token should be good enough I think
<gwicke> and accepting it anywhere in the attribute sequence
<gwicke> can write a patch for that

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