--- Comment #8 from Krinkle <> ---
It is set to 1 by default. This applied by default (so afaik it should be
affecting the installer as well).

3949: $wgMinimalPasswordLength = 1;

336:    $wgMinimalPasswordLength, $wgEmailConfirmToEdit;
425:    $valid = array( $valid, $wgMinimalPasswordLength );

704:    global $wgMinimalPasswordLength, ..;
718:    if ( strlen( $password ) < $wgMinimalPasswordLength ) {
853:    $length = max( 10, $wgMinimalPasswordLength );

It doesn't seem to be overridden or assigned anywhere else.

What exactly is the problem? I can't find any reason why the $user->setPassword
call in Installer.php would be any different from others. It triggers the same
validation, same settings, and throws the same exception in case of a too short
or otherwise invalid value.

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