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From: CBM <>
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2008 22:11:25

What went wrong is that the page_namespace in the final subquery was already
limited to equal 2 earlier on, so the subquery can never return any rows.

Here's a query that should generate more useful data:

select concat('[[Template:',t_title,']] ', page_is_redirect)  
from (select distinct tl_title as t_title from templatelinks  
where tl_namespace = 10) as temp  
join page on page_namespace = 10 and page_title = temp.t_title  
where not exists  
(select 1 from page join templatelinks  
on page_id = tl_from and tl_namespace = 10  
where tl_title = t_title and page_namespace != 2 );

I put the results at

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