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From: Lars Age Kamfjord <>
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2009 21:05:23

Not sure what you want here. Do you want just a query with year and total
number of edits of all users this year, or username, year and users number of

Username,total edits, year will be this query:  
SELECT u.user_name,COUNT![][1] AS amount,LEFT(rev_timestamp,4) AS year FROM
revision r JOIN user u ON u.user_id=rev_user WHERE u.user_name = 'Laaknor'
GROUP BY LEFT(rev_timestamp,4),u.user_name;

(just take out "WHERE u.user_name = 'Laaknor' to get all users

Or if you wish to have just the total amount of edits group by year, it's much
SELECT COUNT![][1] AS amount,LEFT(rev_timestamp,4) FROM revision GROUP BY

Does this help?

Edit: Bah, replace ![][1] with ( and * and )


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