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            Bug ID: 59283
           Summary: DBQ-27 find enwiki articles that don't exist on
           Product: Tool Labs tools
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This issue was converted from
Summary: find enwiki articles that don't exist on enwiktionary
Issue type: Task - A task that needs to be done.
Priority: Minor
Status: Done
Assignee: norman james vondall <>

From: Msh210 <>
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2008 19:51:51

Could someone please find every enwiki ns:0 article [Foo] such that (1)
en.wiktionary does not have [foo]; (2) enwiki's article [Foo], if not a hard
redirect, contains the word "foo" in it somewhere in lowercase; and (3) if
enwiki's article [Foo] is a redirect to [Bar], then the latter contains the
word "foo" in its somewhere in lowercase? (This is, in short, a way to find all
words, excpet proper nouns, that enwiki has articles on and enwiktionary
doesn't.) If the following doesn't complicate matters too much, I'd rather have
an additional restriction: (4) The title "Foo" contains a space (20) in it.
Thanks much. (Note that this is not strictly a ts request, as dump analysis
will suffice. I just haven't found anyone willing and able to analyze the

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