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From: MZMcBride <>
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2009 17:09:49

I selected the count of pages where the page_namespace was Commons: and the
page_title was like "Deletion_requests/".

    mysql> SELECT COUNT(*) FROM page WHERE page_namespace = 4 AND page_title
LIKE "Deletion_requests/%";
    | COUNT(*) |
    |    36712 | 
    1 row in set (56.71 sec)

For the second part, I selected the count from the logging table where the
action was "delete" and the page_namespace was 6 (Image: / File: ). Two
caveats: with this specific query, you'll have double counting if a file was
deleted more than one time. And, some files may have been deleted previously
but exist now, which may throw off your data. Both of these things can be
adjusted for in a query, but I wasn't sure if that's what you wanted. Feel free
to re-open this issue if it is.

    mysql> SELECT COUNT(*) FROM logging WHERE log_namespace = 6 AND log_type =
"delete" AND log_action = "delete";
    | COUNT(*) |
    |   665098 | 
    1 row in set (23 min 14.18 sec)

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