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From: shaurabh bharti <>
Date: Sun, 09 Aug 2009 16:20:53

I did not mean "number of links, linking to this page from other pages". What I
actually referred to is "count of non-existing wiki terms "in the content" of
this page". For example, on page ,
wiki terms "Agraharpuri" and "Sadashiva" do not exist. Similarly, on page,_Bihar, wiki term "East India Railway" do
not exist. I am looking for pages like "Elephanta Caves" and "Jamalpur, Bihar",
on which author has referred to certain terms which are yet to be defined on
Wiki. Hence, my list could be (I have added more such examples),

Elephanta Caves::2  
Jamalpur, Bihar::1

I may be asking for too much, I'm not sure. My understanding is, it is better
to create a new wiki content using the context of existing content.

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