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From: Jarek Tuszynski <>
Date: Mon, 09 Nov 2009 03:34:45

Thank you for running the query. What I meant is (I think):

select page_title, count![][1]  
from page join categorylinks on page_id = cl_from  
join templatelinks on page_title = tl_title and page_namespace = tl_namespace  
where cl_to='Creator_templates'  
group by page_title;

As far as I understand this DB schema the above query would give me number of
transclusions for each creator page. I am mainly interested in creator
templates with large number of transclusions (lets say above 100) and very few
transclusions (~ 0, 1). There are about 4k creator templates and I was hoping
to get a list of all 4k with number of transclusions for each.

Thanks again



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