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From: SQL <>
Date: Fri, 09 May 2008 13:27:28

I've added a query that looks like it worked to me, output at .

SELECT CONCAT(ns_name, ':', page_title) FROM page  
JOIN redirect ON page_id=rd_from   
JOIN toolserver.namespace ON dbname='enwiki_p' AND ns_id = page_namespace  
WHERE page_namespace=1 OR page_namespace=3 OR page_namespace=5 OR
page_namespace=7 OR page_namespace=9 OR page_namespace=11 OR page_namespace=15
AND rd_namespace=1 OR rd_namespace=3 OR rd_namespace=5 OR rd_namespace=7 OR
rd_namespace=9 OR rd_namespace=11 OR rd_namespace=15 OR rd_namespace=101  
AND (SELECT count![][1] FROM pagelinks WHERE pl_namespace=page_namespace AND

Execution took appx 8mins.


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