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From: mauro742 <>
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 21:51:12

Results here:


    select r1.rev_user_text as user, count(*) as tot
      from page join revision as r1 on page_id=r1.rev_page
      where page_namespace=0 
        and page_is_redirect=0 
        and r1.rev_parent_id=0 
        and r1.rev_user <> 0
        and not exists (select * from user_groups 
                          where ug_user=r1.rev_user 
                            and ug_group in ('sysop', 'autoreviewer') )
    group by r1.rev_user, r1.rev_user_text
    having count(*) > 50 and exists( select * 
                                       from revision as r2 
                                         where r2.rev_user = r1.rev_user 
                                           and r2.rev_timestamp >
    order by r1.rev_user_text;

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