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From: Hoo man <>
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2010 15:04:55


    SELECT user_data.user, user_data.edits, user_data.first_edit,
creations.count as creation_count FROM (SELECT COUNT(*) as count, user FROM
(SELECT rev_user_text as user FROM page INNER JOIN revision ON page.page_id =
revision.rev_page WHERE page.page_namespace = 0 AND page.page_is_redirect = 0
GROUP BY revision.rev_page) as tmp GROUP BY tmp.user) as creations INNER JOIN
(SELECT revision.rev_user_text as user, COUNT(revision.rev_id) as edits,
min(rev_timestamp) as first_edit FROM revision INNER JOIN page ON
revision.rev_page = page.page_id WHERE page.page_namespace = 0 AND
revision.rev_deleted = 0 GROUP BY revision.rev_user_text) as user_data ON
user_data.user = creations.user WHERE edits > 100 GROUP by user_data.user;

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