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From: Paolo Massa <>
Date: Tue, 02 Nov 2010 10:42:03

Thanks a lot Mr.Z-man!!!

I have a doubt, I checked at
and currently there are 13,331,812 users in en.wikipedia (which is the one with
most registered users, I guess).

The doubt is the following. Is it possible that ~8 millions out of ~13 millions
users opted in for unified login? I believe this is not the case.

So maybe the reason for 8259190 users in Globaluser_table is that users end up
there automatically (since a certain date, possibly)?

Probably the fields of Globaluser_table (such as gu_registration,
gu_registration and gu_home_db for example) and localuser_table (such as
lu_name and lu_attached_timestamp) are useful.

May I ask you to run a query to get some records from these tables to get a
better idea of what they are used for? You can use my account "Phauly" for
posting results of queries.

I checked at (and also the
diagram at
) but there is no mention I could find of these global tables.

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