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From: drtrigon <>
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2012 22:54:55

Switched **rewrite** from TS to labs (runs on labs now) and is started from
crontab. Some cgi script parts like panel (main view) works now too. So we have
don some giant leaps towards a working solution. The possibility to install
software (on your own) is very useful. Needed changes done in r433 and r434.
For current state (actual progress) look at:

Open points (among others) are:

  * on bots-apache01 install: python-matplotlib, python-numpy,
python-BeautifulSoup, python-lxml (since this a 'non-root' environment use
  * open questions for chat: mail, backup, crontab/queue (like SGE), git,
(bots-apache01 & puppet), ...

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