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From: Helder <>
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2011 10:31:15

Hi again!

It seems that the criteria to filter the list is still too restrictive. Maybe
one of these alternatives (both?) could give us better results:

  * A list of en.wp pages with more than 20 interwiki links and no interwiki to
  * A sublist of articles in the "list of 5000 en.wp pages with more
interwikis" having an interwiki to a "pt.wp page whose size is less than 3kb"
(instead of having no interwiki to 'pt'). In this case, it would be good to
sort by size of Portuguese article, so that the community can focus on
improving the small articles. If possible, this list should have 4 columns:
English title, number of interwikis, Portuguese title, size of Portuguese

Are those lists still feasible?

Thanks for helping us

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