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From: drtrigon <>
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2012 12:11:48


It does not look like there is somebody out there knowing how the template has
to be used with the `category` parameter, since this is rarely done...

At the moment the bot adds e.g.

categories|year=2012|month=July|day=16|category=[[Category:Categorized by

and when clicking onto "Check them now!" this template/line is removed but all
categories present (some of them added by bot before) are kept untouched,
[[Category:Categorized by DrTrigonBot]] too.

How to configure HotCat to remove a specific category, when used on a image
description page the bot edited, is not obvious to me - may be not possible at

To summarize: the state here is still the same "not working" BUT it is an open
question whether "not working" is an appropriate description since it might be
possible that the template works perfectly well and I just missunderstood its
function and effects.

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