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            Bug ID: 59280
           Summary: DBQ-24 List of broken references to images and
                    templates on no.wikipedia
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Summary: List of broken references to images and templates on no.wikipedia
Issue type: Task - A task that needs to be done.
Priority: Major
Status: Done
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From: Anders Einar Hilden <>
Date: Fri, 09 May 2008 22:43:51

I would like a list of broken references to images and templates on

I would like a list (or two lists, one for templates and one for images) of
articles that have "dead" (red) links to images or templates, like the one you
would get if you typed in [[Image:Image_that_dont_exist.jpg]] on a wikipedia

A list for images was created by a crawling bot about 5 months ago, and there
probably aren't many left. This method however, is not effective, as it
requires the download of the htmlcode of all articles. That list, now almost
all images fixed, can be found here

Exactly what do we need:  
Templates only have to be compared to the local wiki (no.wikipedia), while
images has to be compared to the images on both no.wikipedia and
commons.wikimedia. Namespace 0 (articles) is the main target, but namespace 1
(talk) can also be included. A file in UTF-8 with one article per line would be
appreciated, as i then could easily be marked up with wikimarkup for inclusion
on a wikipedia page.

What will the list be used for:  
The articles will be manually checked afterwards, links to images will be
removed, replaced or corrected, the same for templates.

Questions will be quickly (mon-fri, twice/trice a day sat-sun) answered on talk:Kagee

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