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From: Hoo man <>
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2011 22:25:36

I did it that way: I got all pages (namespace 0) from the categories
'Popular_Science_Monthly_Volume_1-25' and saved them in a temporary table.
Afterwards I got all categories for these pages. I hope that's what you wanted

    SELECT page.page_title FROM categorylinks INNER JOIN page ON page.page_id =
categorylinks.cl_from WHERE cl_to IN (
    /* ... */
    'Popular_Science_Monthly_Volume_25') AND page.page_namespace = 0;

    SELECT dbq136.page_title, categorylinks.cl_to FROM u_hoo.dbq136 INNER JOIN
page ON dbq136.page_title = page.page_title INNER JOIN categorylinks ON
categorylinks.cl_from = page.page_id WHERE page.page_namespace = 0;

Result: (plain text)


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