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            Bug ID: 59453
           Summary: DBQ-178 Statistics about abuse filters on all
                    Wikimedia projects
           Product: Tool Labs tools
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This issue was converted from
Summary: Statistics about abuse filters on all Wikimedia projects
Issue type: Task - A task that needs to be done.
Priority: Major
Status: Done
Assignee: Hoo man <>

From: Federico Leva <>
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2012 10:10:56

Goal: create an automatically updated concise table of the existing
abusefilters on all Wikimedia projects and of their effects, to find excessive
or malfunctioning filters and help local communities fix them.

Mean: DB query to get the list of active filters on each wiki and the
percentage of edits triggering a filter, by comparing the recent changes table
and the abusefilter log; Krinkle has offered to run such a query and use it to
feed a web tool, but we need someone to write it.

Rationale: the AF API doesn't offer statistics on filters, nor global nor
individual, and the umber of hits for each filter is hidden if the filter is
private, so the DB needs to be accessed directly.

Details of the request: can vary depending on how difficult it is; I suggest to
start from the basics. The output should be in a sensible machine-friendly
format for subsequent usage by a tool.  
1) Number of filters (don't output anything for wikis which have none).  
2) Percentage of edits performed (in RC table) + edit disallowed (abuselog)
which triggered a filter (abuselog) in the last n days/table entries (at least
some thousands edits and a couple weeks should be considered for the stats to
be meaningful; I leave it to the performance consideration by you).  
3) List of users who created filters (better), or: whether the filter has been
created by a local sysop or by a steward/global sysop.  
If possible:  
4) In addition to 1-3, a row for each filter with its (2) and (3).  
Probably only in the future:  
5) More details on each filter in (4), starting with title, action taken (only
tag/warn/etc. or also disallow/block?) and view permission (private or not).

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