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From: drtrigon <>
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2011 20:41:31

According to the ideas mentioned in <del>DRTRIGON-93</del> (and
following concept: should have an additional operating mode (e.g. command line
param "-ircrc") that runs all the time (has to be restarted by SGE in case of
failures) and watches the IRC RecentChanges channel
irc:// In case of a page changes the runs (as usual) in order to update the page. This
would make the subster tags pseudo-dynamic (more dynamic than now). May be to
simplify, only pages listed/enrolled on a special page are checked this way.-

<del>This would also avoid to increase the execution frequency of by
use of SGE/cron(ie) since the bot would run all the time - this could open
additional techniques (e.g. for or else) - but also give new issues...

Modified '' code that can be inserted into '' as
ircbot mode for ''. Should then be runned as long-running job and use
SGE to re-start in case of errors.

Consider the fact that this is equivalent to panel but more
wiki-like since no external link or tool is needed.


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