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From: Hoo man <>
Date: Sat, 07 Apr 2012 23:57:48

Ok, first of all, no I can't find information about the task(s) of bots in the

But of course I can tell how many bots are active, so here we go:  
First of all I once again gathered a list of how many edits to the article
namespace which bot made in which year, month with the following query:

    SELECT /* SLOW_OK */ LEFT(rev_timestamp, 4) as year, SUBSTR(rev_timestamp,
5, 2) as month, rev_user_text as user, COUNT(*) as edits FROM revision INNER
JOIN page ON page_id = rev_page WHERE rev_user_text = 'USER' AND page_namespace
= 0 GROUP BY LEFT(rev_timestamp, 4), SUBSTR(rev_timestamp, 5, 2);

and then I ran the following query on this data (after I imported it again):

    SELECT year, month, COUNT(*) AS 'active bots' FROM dbq180_0 GROUP BY year,

The interim results (as I guess they are helpful for you): (plain text) (csv)  
What you actually asked for: (plain text) (csv)

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