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The general GC / possible memory leak issue happens without jsdiff too. The
backend server forked by roundtrip-test.js grows in rss when processing many
requests in a row until 1.7G is reached. Only pure wt2html and html2wt modes
are used there, and only html2wt POSTs seem to trigger the memory growth. Some
of my patches above are geared towards making it more likely for the small
incremental collections in 0.10 to still pick up garbage as early as possible
by explicitly breaking reference cycles.

The v8 GC in node 0.10 is apparently geared more towards low pause times than
thorough GC. I experimented with a limited --max_old_space_size and a few other
GC related parameters to force full old space collections, and was able to get
rt tests to run within 300m rss for a while. GC would use most time when it got
close to the limit  though, so more experimentation with a slightly higher
limit is needed.

This issue is also discussed at The
GC in v8 3.20 (will be in node 0.12) might have relevant fixes.

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