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           What    |Removed                     |Added
             Status|RESOLVED                    |REOPENED
                 CC|                            |
         Resolution|WONTFIX                     |---
            Summary|Create new API extension,   |Add core functionality
                   |and enabling core           |enabling an extension to
                   |functionality, to allow     |add revisions and log
                   |insertion of revisions with |entries with any user, any
                   |any user, any timestamp,    |timestamp, etc.
                   |any parent_id, etc.         |

--- Comment #3 from Nathan Larson <> ---
See also bug 57490, which might obviate the need for this bugfix (I'll have to
take another look at it to see how practicable that might be).

With regard to comment 2, I'm not sure what kind of maintenance script you had
in mind; this would need to be executed many times per second, which is unusual
for a maintenance script. Also, how would the parameters, etc. work; would it
import a file, for instance? It seems like it would be easier to just POST the
data into the API or upload into Special:Import or a similar special page.

WikiPage::doEditContent() uses wfTimestampNow(); I would want it to accept an
optional $timestamp parameter. Likewise with ApiEditPage() and all the stuff in
between (e.g. EditPage::internalAttemptSave()).

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