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Personally, I think this feature should go in core, as a compliment to the
sitenotice feature.

(In reply to comment #2)
> Articles in draft namespace  will look very different from "published"
> articles
> there will be no confusion by readers that they are reading a normal article
> while reading a draft. I would go so far as to say there may not even be a
> concept of "reading" a draft, e.g. Drafts are always in an editing mode
> (just a
> thought not a design decision) 

Has this been discussed onwiki anywhere? I had read but what you're
talking about wasn't even covered.  

> Basically this bug proposes both a problem and a solution to an issue that
> doesn't exist yet. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. 

Why do you think the problem doesn't exist now? The Draft namespace is already
live on enwiki and being used.

> Closing this. If once the new draft workflow exists this is an issues for
> readers then we can work on a solution together.

This bug is not INVALID, please don't close it as such, I'm assuming you wanted
WONTFIX. I recommend you review [[mw:Bug management/Bug report life cycle]],
it's pretty helpful. :)

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