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The host name of the affected lines range over all hosts in
upload-eqiad, upload-esams, and mobile-eqiad, but no other cache.

The request method of the affected lines look mangled. HEAD+GET
account for ~55% of the affected lines. The other 45% of the affected
lines, the logged request method looks like being part of the http
header [1].

The URL column of the affected lines is for about 8% the mobile
version of jawiki and ptwiki. None of those 8% show a User Agent,
Referrer, or Accept-Language.

For >80% of the affected lines, the URL column is

For the remaining ~10% of affected lines, the URL column did not make
too much sense. They are for example “http://-en-US,en;q=0.8”. So it's
also header information that spilled over into this column.

Requested URLs are not distributed all over the place, but rather
isolated. So for example the requested URL for ~33% of the affected
lines was:
For ~12% it was""

And those requests are not clustered around a certain date / time, but
span the whole date / time range between 2013-12-10 and now.

The referrers are “-” for ~60% of affected lines, and for ~32% some
Url from mobile enwiki.

The logged User-Agents, Accept-Languages look sane.

[1] Here are some examples:

To see more of them, run
  cut -f 8 /home/qchris/nan.tsv | sort | uniq -c | sort -n
on stat1002.

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