--- Comment #11 from MWJames <> ---
Knowing the above fixed the apparent issue, I went ahead to remodel the
implementation with some amendments.

The removal of a subject from the Store is being moved into a
`DeleteSubjectJob` and if necessary can be scheduled as `DeferredJob` (enables
to run deletion as background job).

Prior SMW 1.9, the subject deletion did not initiate any clean-up of possible
associate subjects, the `smwgDeleteSubjectWithAssociatesRefresh` will allow to
refresh entities that are connected to a deleted subject.

A subject may be connected to a large group of associates, it is advisable that
`smwgDeleteSubjectAsDeferredJob` is set TRUE in order to avoid any performance
issues (or runtime errors) during the deletion process.

In case the deletion is executed as `DeferredJob` it is suggested that the
JobQueue is being run repeatedly within a narrow time frame to avoid an
increased backlog.

### Legacy (default) setting
$GLOBALS['smwgOnDeleteAction'] = array(
    'smwgDeleteSubjectAsDeferredJob' => false,
    'smwgDeleteSubjectWithAssociatesRefresh' => false,

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