--- Comment #2 from Nathan Larson <> ---
> I for one welcome our category overlords for sorting out every single thing.

Aren't we (the wiki editors) the category overlords who do the categorization?

> You could probably store the details in the db somehow, then do a special
> page
> to grab the details (or to display a custom differ kinda like how AbuseFilter
> does)
> Or create a new namespace if you desire.

Yeah, the "somehow" and the "if you desire" are what I'm trying to figure out
-- which way is best, and what is desirable? Perhaps it's best to back up and
ask what are the criteria that are important to people in deciding what's

This bug is of potential relevance to
[[mw:Requests_for_comment/Overthrow_Bugzilla]]. In order for IssueTracker (or
anything else) to replace Bugzilla, we'd want to make sure it's designed in
ways the community thinks are more awesome than Bugzilla's design. (Or maybe I
should say "superior to" rather than "more awesome" since "awesomeness" has
connotations of "o_O" to/from "O_o" conversion functionality.

Otherwise, IssueTracker's use will be restricted to third-party sites, which
will tend to make it less useful and deprioritize development work on it.

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