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> Seeing something slightly odd after this fix was deployed to Betalabs - not
> sure this is Bad Thing, so not re-opening the bug at this point…
> There are 2 pathways to switch from VE to wikitext, and they now navigate the
> user to different URLs (this didn't happen prior to the bug fix).
> If you start in VE editing mode, and use the "Edit Source" tab to switch to
> wikitext, you end up at:
> Oldjoe&action=edit
> On other hand, if you start in VE editing mode and select "Switch to source
> editing" from the Page Settings drop-down, you end up at:
> Is this the intended behavior?

The change to the primary entry point isn't explicitly intended, but I don't
think it's the end of the world to push people towards the canonical (and
simpler) URLs.

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