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            Bug ID: 59680
           Summary: SubProperty mechanism
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To accurately model the information we have on topics we need a large number of
specialised properties. We don't always have detailed information however so we
also need more general properties for those cases. 

This means that queries are more difficult as you are having to guess which
property was used in each case.

If we had a 'subproperty' mechanism then we could define the specialist
properties as subproperties of the general property and search accross all of
them at the same time.

Example A.
Property P21-Sex.
This is used for all of the following properties:
* biological sex
  * Sex chromosomes
  * secondary sexual characteristics
  * Sex hormones
* Gender
  * gender identity
  * gender expression
At present these are modeled using 'instance of' as a qualifier but it would be
better to follow W3C recommendations and make each of these a subproperty so we
can use the various tools that have been developed to manipulate W3C compliant

Example B.
P793 Significant event is a property specifically created so imitation
subproperties can be easily created using qualifiers and a search on P793 can
find all of these easily. Real subproperties would be W3C compliant.

Example C.
Property P31-'Instance of' is very widely used but there are cases where
wikidata has chosen to create other properties which are similar but whose use
is limited to various specific cases.
* P60 - type of astronomical object
* P105 - taxon rank
* P132 - type of administrative unit
and others. A subproperty mechanism would mean that users who are not familiar
with all these specialist properties could still search on P31 and find all
these topics.

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