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           What    |Removed                     |Added
             Status|NEW                         |UNCONFIRMED
            Summary|ResourceLoader Timestamp    |ResourceLoaderModule::getDe
                   |Always Returns Current Time |finitionMtime always
                   |                            |returns current time
     Ever confirmed|1                           |0

--- Comment #1 from Krinkle <> ---
Marking as unconfirmed for now, updating bug title case.


The problem seems to stem from type cast errors. To my knowledge it is supposed
to be reliable that our object caching layer takes care of this. Both locally
for me and in production, integers passed to $wgMemc->set( $key, $value ) come
back out the same with ->get(), they're not implicitly converted to strings.

They are most likely converted to strings for storage purposes (Redis,
Memcached, MySQL etc.), but the object cache interface should take care to
serialise and unserialise this properly, and to my knowledge that is happening

If that isn't happening correctly, I would recommend looking into the object
cache interface first as that will most likely a wide range of other
significant problems. Definitely something that must absolutely not be handled
in some random method (getDefinitionMtime in this case).

Plus, in that case we'd probably not want to keep separate code paths for
is_int and ctype_digit, as is_int would be redundant and even incorrect if they
are "expected" to be strings.

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