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For reference if someone not so familiar with MediaWiki wants to take this on..

For email confirmation we use the message 'confirmemail_body', which has the
text below.

'Someone, probably you, from IP address $1,
has registered an account "$2" with this email address on {{SITENAME}}.

To confirm that this account really does belong to you and activate
email features on {{SITENAME}}, open this link in your browser:


If you did *not* register the account, follow this link
to cancel the email address confirmation:


This confirmation code will expire at $4.', 

Versus for password reset 'passwordremindertext' we have

'Someone (probably you, from IP address $1) requested a new
password for {{SITENAME}} ($4). A temporary password for user
"$2" has been created and was set to "$3". If this was your
intent, you will need to log in and choose a new password now.
Your temporary password will expire in {{PLURAL:$5|one day|$5 days}}.

If someone else made this request, or if you have remembered your password,
and you no longer wish to change it, you may ignore this message and
continue using your old password.',

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