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When merging two items, a statement from item 1 and a statement from item 2 can
be merged if the claims are completely identical, i.e. if all qualifiers are
identical and if the main snaks are identical. In particular, if only one claim
has a qualifier and the other one does not, they can not be merged. If the set
of qualifiers is overlapping, but not identical, they cannot be merged.

Merging in this case means that the claim stays, but all references can be
added on the same claim. So if there is a statement with claim X and reference
A on item 1, and a statement with claim X and reference B on item 2, the merged
item can have a statement with claim X and references A and B.

Any difference in the claim though forbids merging, i.e.

population 23
reference A


population 23
method counting
reference B

can not be merged.

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