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            Bug ID: 59801
           Summary: Se bug for IE10 causes test failures for Flow
           Product: Wikimedia
           Version: unspecified
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We need to file an upstream bug for Selenium and IE10. Here's the conversation
I had with Jim Evans on #selenium: 

(03:48:24 PM) chrismcmahon: jimevans: I think you have something to do with Se
and IE, yes?  Where would be the best place to report a bug?  I have an element
that is invisible to FF and Chrome (and humans) but IE10 at least thinks it is
(03:49:12 PM) chrismcmahon: jimevans: IE10 in Selenium I mean, the element
appears invisible to humans in IE10 also, just Selenium thinks it is visible. 
(03:49:55 PM) jimevans: :newissue
(03:49:55 PM) selbot2____:
(03:50:24 PM) jimevans: but for the report to be actionable, you'll need to
provide a page that repros the problem (or url to the same)
(03:50:47 PM) jimevans: if you won't provide the html to run against, the
report is worthless.
(03:50:58 PM) chrismcmahon: thanks jimevans yeah, it's all in a public test env
with public tests failing
(03:51:04 PM) jimevans: (and yes, i meant "won't", not "can't")
(03:52:08 PM) jimevans: don't expect me to look at it for a couple of weeks at
least. i'm totally swamped with other stuff.
(03:53:46 PM) chrismcmahon: jimevans:  what I don't have at the tip of my
fingers is a super-short demo of the problem, just test results in the context
of a Jenkins build running Cucumber tests against Sauce VMs.   That's all
public though, and easy to point to, if it would be adequate. 
(03:55:22 PM) jimevans: try to distill it down if you can. you have an element
that you think doesn't do visibility correctly. make the page directly
navigable to, and give a very simple script (doesn't matter the language) using
the raw webdriver api
(04:01:11 PM) chrismcmahon: jimevans: I'll work one up.  If you want a quick
look, hover on the blue "Selenium user" on this page to see text appear
"Talk|contribs".  FF and Chrome rightly think "Talk|contribs" is not visible
until after hovering, IE10 thinks they are always visible.

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