--- Comment #3 from Quim Gil <> ---
Just checking whether you understood the bug reported, as I fail to see what it
has to do with the mobile watchlist:

(In reply to comment #0)
> 1. Thank via mobile an edit done in a page you are watching. You get a
> confirmation message.
> 2. Go to desktop, and check Special:Log/thanks to confirm that your thanks
> are
> there.

This is clear. The thanks happens in a mobile diff page, not in the watchlist
or the history.

> 3. Now go to your Watchlist.

Sorry, here I meant the history of the page in desktop view, where "thank" /
"thanked" options can be seen, not your mobile watchlist where no thanks status
is displayed.

> The edit you have thanks appears as thanked.
> That edit still appears as "thankable", as if you wouldn't have thanked it
> before. Thanks given via mobile aren't registered in your watchlist. You will
> only find the thanks given via desktop.

Let me insist that these expectations are based on the history of the page in
desktop, not the mobile.

The thanks sent from mobile are properly logged at Special:Log/thanks, but
there are two problems:

* Thanks from mobile are not shown in page history.

* MobileFrontend seems to have no memory at all about the Thanks sent. If you
visit the same diff you have thanked (from mobile or desktop, it doesn't
matter) then the button shown is always Thank, no Thanked.

For all these reasons I doubt this has anything to do with bug 56817 and the
mobile watchlist.

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