--- Comment #7 from Sorin Sbarnea <> 2010-01-26 07:37:53 
UTC ---
If I remember well this bug tracker is for MediaWiki software and not for
Wikipedia implementation. 

MediaWiki software is used on a huge number of websites and for them being
search engine friendly is much harder than for Wikipedia - They cannot say that
"we don't care because we have so many links to us that this will not hurt -
also being a top10 website Google will assure that we are not punished"

This bug is not about asking to add 3xx redirects to Wikipedia - in fact it
just asking to add support HTTP status codes to MediaWiki. This is about HTTP
protocol compliance.

This should be implemented in such a way that will not change the current
behavior. People interested in that should be able to add a configuration
setting like $wgEnableHttpRedirects = true.

There is already patch that hacks mediawiki in doing HTTP redirect and it
should be *easy* and *safe* to add this feature. Existing patch: (this one does not use a
configuration parameter)

I'm sure that if MediaWiki team is willing to accept this request, me or
somebody else will take time to create a patch that is adding this

Now the real question is if there is willingness to reopen this issue and
accept a patch from the community?

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