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> 2) Mediawiki accepts two-byte codes: linked via
> php?title=Liste_der_denkmalgesch%FCtzten_Objekte_in_Aigen_im_Ennstal&redirect
> =no&#objektid-35863,
> so the problem seems to be at the UploadWizzard

Try the same link on the Greek Wikipedia:

There is no way to reliably identify what character %FC stands for. ISO-8859
encodings only allow for 256 characters, therefore each region has its own
character set and the same byte means a different character in different
regions. Single-language wikis can be matched to encodings but multilanguage
wikis like Commons cannot.

More importantly, if your application uses ISO-8859-1 then it will make a mess
of any character that is not in that character set. (What if there is a
monument in Austria which has a č in its name? That is encoded in ISO-8859-x as
%E8, which happens to be è in ISO-8859-1.) So this is a bug in the monument
list tool regardless of whether UploadWizard understands the links; and if that
bug is fixed, there will be no problem with UploadWizard either. As it is now,
I think it is better to error out on ambiguous input than to choose one
possible interpretation by random and possibly do something else than the
uploader intended.

> 3) I don't think I have any possibility to change the encoding. The current
> code to create the link is:
> {{fullurl:commons:special:uploadWizard|campaign=wlm-
> at&id={{{ObjektID|}}}&descriptionlang=de&description={{urlencode:
> {{{Name}}}}}{{#if:{{{Commonscat|}}}|&categories={{urlencode:
> {{{Commonscat|}}}}}}}}}

That code works fine, it generates UTF-8 links, and UploadWizard works for me
when I click them. The problem is only with the application at the toolserver.

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