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I looked into how $title is used and it's used for log entries for blacklist

for example:

21:45, 7 January 2014 Aude (talk | contribs | block) caused a spam blacklist
hit on Special:NewItem by attempting to add

In this case, I really think it telling me "Special:NewItem" makes a lot more
sense and makes things clear to the user than generating some Q (or P) id that
will never become a page since it will be blocked by blacklist.  (and then the
id is exhausted / "used" / wasted)  Maybe we could make a fake title like
"Item:NewItem" but that's icky.

I think spam blacklist should not use $title in a way that makes assumption the
title is associated with the content, at least for new items.  

When the edit is for an existing item or property, then we do have the title
and do set it for the context.

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