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Urgh. I'm terribly sorry and should have used my brain. :(

Using djview4-4.9-3.fc20.i686 to open
Лотоцький_О._Сторінки_минулого._Частина_2.djvu I get  
Cannot decode page 167.
** Unrecognized DjVu Message: ** Message name: EOF

Using evince 3.10 (after installing evince-djvu) I get
** (evince:29852): WARNING **: DjvuLibre error: ** Unrecognized DjVu Message:
    ** Message name:  \u0003EOF
** (evince:29852): WARNING **: DjvuLibre error: DataPool.cpp:1768
** (evince:29852): WARNING **: DjvuLibre error: DjVuFile.cpp:2249

So the files are still very very likely broken (EOF = End of file), stating
that they have a few 100 more pages than actually included.

It could be helpful if you told which application and version you used to
create these files.

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