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> I reiterate, this is not a bug as it is by design.

To expand on what Jon said...

- I could totally understand that if you didn't see the announcement about the
latest version,[1] or the patches in gerrit to the VectorBeta extension, you
might think this was not an intentional change, and thus might be an important
bug to raise. 
- However, this was an intentional design decision, made for reasons we outline
on Talk:Typography refresh on
- Disagreeing with an aesthetic change is of course fine, and Raimond's
commentary is entirely constructive and helpful. But it's not the same thing as
there actually being a bug, in the sense that something is broken and we need
to fix it. Not when it's design change that is 100% opt-in, and is meant to be

So in other words, this isn't a bug. Nothing is broken. It's an aesthetic
disagreement. Please put feedback about the typography Beta Feature on the Talk
page ( where there is
already discussion about this and the other recent changes. 


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