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The problem arises because Wikibase generates titles for new pages from a
counter stored in the database, which is incremented in the transaction that
actually creates the page. So, before the page is saved, the title isn't know.
When calling a pre-save edit hook in such a situation, there is no way to
provide the actual title of the page that will be created.

Perhaps it would be possible to garb a fresh ID and determine the Title earlier
- but that means wasting an ID for every failed attempt to save. It also means
refactoring quite a bit of code in Wikibase, on a critical code path. 

I think it's really a fundamental question whether it can be assumed that the
actual title of a page can be assumed to be known before a page has been
created. A related fundamental question is whether the context title of an edit
is always the title of the page where the new content will be saved, or if
there are situations where this can not sensibly be expected to be the case.

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