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(In reply to comment #15)
> personally, i think that such a change should, at the least, be accompanied
> by
> user preference to select the width, and i also think that the immediate
> result
> of introducing this change at this point in time will result in many people
> turning off the "beta features", which, ultimately, is counterproductive.

We're probably not going to do this. Adding sub-preferences on top of the
preference to opt in to a beta feature is too excessive. 

It's actually *okay* if people turn off a beta feature because they don't like
it. That's just as helpful in terms of feedback as leaving a comment or filing
a bug. If we revert any part of a beta feature and do a new release, we can
always notify people and get them to give a try again. 

> please consider separating the screen-width-limit choice under "beta" to an
> independent choice, instead of it being part of "Typography refresh", so
> people
> who do not wish to use this feature will still be able to test the other
> parts
> of "Typography refresh".

Potentially doing a separate beta feature for major navigation and layout
changes in Vector is not a bad idea. But we probably won't do it just to set or
unset the single "max-width: 715px" CSS rule.

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