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Andre, thank you for taking the time to try to reproduce this bug.
Unfortunately the Firefox OS simulator is somewhat of a joke -- and a bad one,
since it doesn't make anyone laugh. The simulator produces essentially
different results than real hardware, which isn't very obvious if you don't
have access to a real Firefox OS device, sadly.

Since filing this bug, I've updated my Keon's Firefox OS to (software) version, but the bug still persists. It can also be reproduced with
(certain?) other sites, such as WikiIndex
(, and other Firefox OS devices, such as
the ZTE Open.

Just for this bug, I tried out ShoutWiki's and WikiIndex's main pages in my ZTE
Open, which has the following specs, and the bug is happening on both sites:

ZTE Open
OS version
Platform version 18.0
Build identifier 20130906173233

Git commit info 2013-09-06 09:20:54

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