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> If you're confused about why I set the priority or
> severity a particular way, try discussion instead of blind reversion. Thanks.

Let me try discussion, although this should probably be discussed elsewhere.
I'm happy to continue the conversation wherever you prefer.

* According to
(draft), "bug status, priority and milestone should reflect reality (in summary
form), they do not cause it. If in doubt, read about the meaning of the fields
and do not change them, but add a comment suggesting the change and convincing
reasons for it"

* According to ,
"priority should normally be set by the developers who plan to work on the bug
(or by the bugwrangler), not by the one filing the bug or by outside observers"

* According to , the
maintainers of MobileFrontend are "the WMF mobile team, especially Arthur
Richards" (all CCed here)

* According to , Andre's role
includes "working closely with product managers and developers to prioritize,
categorize and assign bugs based on Mediawiki features and extensions"

* According to Gerrit you don't seem to be a regular contributor to this

For all these reasons I believe that you, me, or anybody else interested in
this area but not developing for it are not entitled to enter prioritization
wars. This is Bugzilla, and all of us work here to improve things, but if a
maintainer or the bug wrangler defines explicitly a priority and you still
disagree then the solution is not to revert again.

MZMcBride, I'm not attempting to discuss your points in this and other related
reports. I have no opinion about the topic. However, I do have an opinion about
the usefulness of prioritization wars in Bugzilla. After many years seeing them
happening in various reports of different projects the pattern is always the
same: a first round might have some justification but after some back-and-forth
they are always counterproductive, wasting people's energies and damaging
community's collaboration and good mood. And all this for no good reason, since
at the end the maintainers developing the component are the ones deciding what
goes in it and when. They tend not to be convinced by users reverting their
prioritizations in Bugzilla.

You are a vet, and you know all this well. If you want to challenge the current
priorities of the MobileFrontend, fine. You can bring your arguments here as
you do, and you can also escalate to other venues in case you think more eyes
and opinions are needed. Up to you. But please, let the Mobile team reflect
here the current priorities they have for their plans. Thank you.

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