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> @Isarra, The site is pretty fast, most searches i've done have returned
> results in a second or less. So if its a time concern a search will likely >
> resolve
> faster than it would take a user to change a setting, and move their cursor
> to
> the search button.I'm not sure where the user would be "forced to wait" in
> this
> process, it would be easy enough to make sure the form could still be
> interacted with even if a query was running in the background. 

Results take longer to load based on how many are loading, too. Many users will
have it load 100, 500, or even 5000 entries at a time, and that makes a
significant difference.

Such a change would also affect third-party mediawiki installations, which may
not be running on as fast of servers as the WMF happens to use. As hilarious as
it would be to see all of the wikis that carlb hosts effectively stop having a
searchable special:contributions at all, for instance, I don't think this is
what we want.

Point is, extra responsiveness is a nice idea, but it's not necessarily needed
or practical here.

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