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Here is my analysis of what happened.

On January 6, 2014, CommonSettings.php was changed here:

Before the change, CommonSettings.php looked like this:
$wgCategoryTreeDynamicTag = true;    
require( $IP . '/extensions/CategoryTree/CategoryTree.php' );

Currently it looks like this:
require( $IP . '/extensions/CategoryTree/CategoryTree.php' );
$wgCategoryTreeDynamicTag = true;

Before the change, setting $wgCategoryTreeDynamicTag = true had no effect
because it was set before the require statement and CategoryTree.php sets it
back to the default of false.

Since the $wgCategoryTreeDynamicTag feature is broken, setting it to true has
caused issues.

Can we get $wgCategoryTreeDynamicTag set back to false in CommonSettings.php
until this bug is fixed?

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