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> Christian is already working on this

Sadly ... Christian “used to be” working on this would better reflect
the status quo.

We had a working solution in place and updated it for some time. But
upstream was a bit reluctant to review, as the overall change (~5K LOC
spread into about a dozen changes, adding locking mechanism in inner
parts of gerrit) is huge for the meager benefit of being able to
rename projects. So it never got merged upstream. But as there are no
simpler solutions in sight directly inside gerrit, and since upstream
did not show interest, I stopped investing time.

Even when patching our gerrit to contain those changes, maintaining
them would not be fun.

@Aravind, I'll gladly discuss the current patches with you. If you've
got a love for Java, it might well be possible to do renaming in a
plugin, if you ignore all the possible race conditions. But updating
the patches that handle all the races and add the functionality
directly in gerrit is probably not worth it, as I doubt that upstream
would review it this time. Especially now, when they are more focused
on things like the new ChangeScreen.

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